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Designed To Provide You

With Delicious & Nutritious,

Fresh, Balanced Food.. 

Prepared To Fuel Your

Personal Fitness Regimen


Chef Aaron LeRoi provides Honest, Fresh, Delicious,

Local, Healthy, Nutritious 

Cuisine In Napa, Sonoma, Fairfield, 

& all over the bay area!

" Operated professionally, overlooking, and preparing every

item in your cuisine from scratch with simply accurate

cooking techniques that can't be beat. "

Chef Aaron LeRoi

350 - 475 Calories

6oz Proteins / 4oz Veggies / 4oz Carbs

Enhanced Performance


475 - 650 Calories

8oz Proteins / 5oz Veggies / 5oz Carbs

Convenience At Your Service!

  • Pick the meal package of your choice Per Order 7 meals / 10 meals / 15 meals

  • Fill out the submission form & describe your custom meals

  • Submit your order & your meals will be prepared every Monday!

  • Receive your meals Monday or Tuesday & Enjoy fresh healthy meals all week!

Orders must be placed by Saturday 11pm Every Week

Monday Pick Up 5pm - 6pm

Monday Delivery 6pm - 8pm

Tuesday Delivery 10am - 3pm

Tuesday Pick Up 5pm - 6pm

Delivery Options: Home / Office / Gym

- Napa $15

- Surrounding Napa $25

- OAK, SF, etc. $45

Enhanced Fit Cuisine

Please contact:

with questions, allergies, dietary restrictions...

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